Reasons to Party

Celebrate something special with a delicious array of Patties products.


  • Didn’t think it was possible but the good ol’ Aussie meat pie just got a whole lot more ‘Aussie’ with@pattiesaulimited edition Australia shaped party pies… too cute! And just in time for all the summer gatherings.

  • What? Should I be sharing these? 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Honestly, I’m a way better person when I’m not hungry. Now look what I got! These@pattiesauVegan Friendly rolls are probably one of the best one I’ve ever had. 🤤 Maybe I should stock up a lot of these for my upcoming house warming party 🤔🥳

  • Finger food at get togethers is a must!
    My vegan friends are now easily catered for with@pattiesauvegan friendly party roll. Such a crowd pleaser even my meat loving husband asked for more! 🙌🏻

  • Feed me and tell me I'm pretty"
    I'd much prefer a picnic in a park or at the beach over going to a restaurant... Mainly so my fiancée can hand feed me without causing a scene 😂 These are the new delicious rolls from@pattiesau😍 🌿🌿

  • When you can’t decide if you want food or a drink, may we introduce the Bullshot 🐃 Like a Bloody Mary but sub the tomato juice for beef consomme. We playfully garnish with a pickled onion and mini party pie to beef it up even more 💪🏻 It’s the savoury cocktail you never knew you needed 🥃

Patties Filled Rolls Mexican Beef with Cheese Sauce

Patties Filled Rolls Mexican Beef with Cheese Sauce made with 100% Australian beef and has oozy cheese centre.

Reason to Party
Celebrate saving the cutlery for another night


Reasons to party

Celebrate going back for seconds and thirds without being judged. Bring the fun to any occasion with Patties Party Pies. Yes, your vegan partner doesn't have to know.